Modern Defense Force – Philippines

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About the book

publication02The authors have attempted to break apart the ten-point agenda to problematize and translate the big words into smaller, bite-sized, chewable pieces. The essays attempt to elaborate on the intricacies of the concept ‘modern defense force,’ and engage the reader to think through the issues.

The authors have extensive knowledge as regards the issues they have dealt with in their essays – some of them are military officers in active duty, others are researchers who were involved in actual policy research while in the DND (Department of National Defense) and/or AFP, while others are academics involved in security research. The writers are part of the technical working group (TWG) created for this research publication while some were invited contributors.

The papers, prior to publication, were all subjected to thorough discussion by the TWG. While the essay-writer has full responsibility to his/her work, each paper was vetted, challenged, and debated upon by the entire TWG. The series of TWG discussions happened during the period January to December 2012.

No confidential information is revealed in any of the paper.

Modern Defense Force Philippines

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